Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Golden Birthday Celebration

Yesterday (January 1st) we had a birthday celebration for Beckett.  It was a day early, but both Ryan and I had the day off of work so it seemed to make the most sense.  It was a Thomas the Train themed party and although I am sure Beckett will not remember any of the details we still went all out.  After all we have a lot to celebrate, especially with this little guy:

A Thomas the Train cake of course
Family Pic
Snuck his fingers into the frosting- Yumm!

Hot mess!
Beckett LOVES fish and we promised him after his big surgery in October he could get a fish tank - so here we are!
Notice B was even rocking his Thomas slippers :-)
Love my new John Deere Tractor
And my new Lego's
And today, January 2nd, is Beckett real birthday :-)  Actually it's his golden birthday, turning 2 on the 2nd.  Ryan and I were talking just yesterday and the time that has passed since Beckett arrived.  In some senses it feels like the past 2-years went quickly, but in others it feels like Beckett should be about 10-years old by now.  We've come SO, SO FAR since January 2nd, 2011 and while we still have a good ways to go both Ryan and I are incredible thankful for the past 2-years with Beckett.  We are proud of all the progress he has made and what an unbelievably sweet and loving little boy he is. 

Happy Birthday BMK - we love you to the moon and back!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKETT!! Time to celebrate!!


  2. We love you Beckett!!! I remember this day two years ago allll too well!! So proud of you guys and how TOUGH of a family you are!!
    Happy Birthday, B!!!!

    --Robin darrin delaney and drew!!

  3. Happy Birthing Day!! Certainly a day to celebrate now!!! from Susan in Seattle. (I've been reading your blog since Rebecca Ishum introduced me to it. )