Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nina and Santa

This past weekend Ryan's Mom drove down to spend the weekend with us.  On Saturday we attending a Winter Wonderland event put on by our employer.  We went towards to end of the event to try to avoid the crowds and so we didn't participate in all the activities, but did do the photo booth and see the big man himself.  Beckett did better than I thought he would with Santa.  He was TOTALLY freaked out by Frosty the Snowman and Rudolf the Reindeer who were walking around while we waiting in line, so I thought there was no way he would sit on the big mans lap.  As you will see below...he did, but had a death grip on my neck :-)

Beckett on Candy Cane Lane

With Santa...we practiced what to ask Santa for..."planes, cho-chos and blocks", but of course we were too afraid to tell him once we were there.

In the Photo booth with Nina AKA Nana.  Funny Beckett randomly started calling Ryan's Mom Nina instead of Nana.  We're running with it!

Later Saturday afternoon, Beckett helped Nina do one of his favorite activities...bake cookies.  Beckett loves to get a chair and get up to the counter.  He enjoys cracking the eggs, mixing the dough, but most of all taste testing it once mixed to ensure it's just right :)

It was so nice to have a low key weekend with Nina before we headed to Phili this past week.  We had lots of laughs and can't wait to spend Christmas with Nina and all the Kreinbrings in Iowa!!!

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  1. Nina aka Nana loves her Beckett time!! Also really enjoyed having one on one time with Ryan and Natalia too! It was a perfect weekend!!