Saturday, April 12, 2014

15-Weeks and Counting

Well we've made it past the first trimester and even on the days when I was exhausted and feeling sick never once did I not give thanks for the precious baby growing inside of me.   This pregnancy has already felt much different that Beckett’s.  I was much sicker this time and while I never threw up it was a never ending cycle of getting hungry and feeling sick, eating something and then feeling more sick!  I was also really grossed out by the smell of food in our house which unfortunately resulted in eating out a lot over the past few weeks as I couldn't stomach cooking food at home.  I've also had many more headaches with this pregnancy and since they've now released some research report minimizing the use of Tylenol during pregnancy it’s made things interesting.  Regardless, I’m hoping all this means that maybe this baby is putting down some deep roots and plans to stay put for 40-weeks!

Last weeks bump picture (14-weeks) with my helper of course.  We couldn't put down the Thomas the Train whistle for the picture!
Friday I had my first appointment with the high risk pregnancy perinatologist group.  This is the same group which actually ended up delivering Beckett when he arrived at 26-weeks.  I've been seeing my usual OB since about 6-weeks, but the high risk group was finally able to get me in this week.  I was anxious to be seen by them as I had about a million questions nagging me and really just wanted to know WHAT the plan was going to be.  So here it is:

Since I am a carrier of Factor V Leiden (Blot Clotting Disorder) I will soon start daily shots of Lovenox along with baby aspirin.  I will continue this regiment until 36-weeks at which point I will switch over to Heparin shots twice a day.  The Factor V would not have caused the preterm labor with Beckett, but given that my risk for clots is already slightly increased and pregnancy increases that risk 10x's - it's a precaution we are taking to mitigate any clotting risks.  

I will also start weekly Progesterone shots.   Progesterone is a hormone that women's bodies make while pregnant.  In full-term pregnancies, Progesterone remains high in the women's system until later in pregnancy and returns to it's normal levels post delivery.  As pregnancy progresses in length and the baby grows the uterus grows and expands. As it does this there are isolated contractions in specific areas of the uterus. Progesterone effectiveness is in that it basically decreases contractability of the muscle of the uterus.  So when one of the isolated normal growth contractions occur it keeps the muscles from communicated with each other and all start contracting.  In speaking with the perinatologist right now given my history of a previous preterm delivery my chances of another preterm delivery are 25-30%.  Studies have shown that the use of Progesterone shots decreases these odds by 50% in most, but not all cases.  I sure hope the 50% odds are in my favor!

Also, in a couple of weeks I will head back to the perinatologist for an ultrasound.  They will not only check the health of the baby but also take a detailed look and measurement of my cervix.  If the cervix shows any shortening or thinning we will have a couple of different proactive options to implement then. If all looks good I will have another ultrasounds at 22-23 weeks to check on measurements again.  And of course depending on what we see then or how I am feeling along the way will determine what actions are taken. 

So in essence I have lots of shots and appointments in my future, but I will do anything and everything to ensure that this baby stays put as long as possible.  And I feel like with all these precautions, the watchful eyes of doctors and my personal experience in what labor is, things feel promising.  

In other updates, I joked with Ryan about having this babies room ready by week 20 since with Beckett his furniture wasn’t delivered until 1-week after he was born.  Well needless to say last weekend we bought some new furniture and it was delivered on Wednesday of this week.  So I’d say we are on track for the room being ready by 20-weeks J  I also booked a photographer to capture the birth of this baby.  No crotch shots people!  But she will be at the hospital and in the delivery room to capture the moments leading up to the arrival of baby as well as those precious moments afterwards.  This means SO much to me.  I can remember after Beckett was born I’d walk back and forth from my room to the NICU and when I would see other mother’s rooms with the sign saying “pictures in process” my heart ached longing so much to be in their situation and not mine.  In addition, we have no pictures form Beckett’s birth, so I’m really looking forward to making sure we don’t miss it this time.  And many people want to know – YES we will be finding out the sex of this baby.  And seeing that I’m celebrating each pregnancy milestone with this baby we will probably do some kind of gender reveal party to go along with it!

Of course no update would be complete without talking about Beckett.  We are continuing to work on potty training.  He does really good if you proactively take him to the bathroom, but it seems if we wait for him to tell us he needs to go he can’t quite hold it long enough to make it to the potty.  Pooping is a whole other mess that we are struggling to master, and I’m hoping it comes sooner than later cause it’s not helping with my nausea situation!!!  Nevertheless, some days are really good and others are well, crappy…literally!

Beckett continues to go to Marcie’s house down the street 2-days per week.  We were struggling for months with drop off drama, but in the past few weeks he seem to be over that.  He loves playing with his gal pal Tatum and now that the weather is nice they've been outside a lot which he enjoys as well.  Beckett will continue to go to Marcie’s until April/May and then starting June 2nd we enrolled him in a 3-day summer school program at OakHill Day School.  This is also where Beckett will start preschool (3-days/week as well) in the fall, so we are hoping summer will be a good transition to fall.  I’m excited to get him into a structured setting with more educational and social interaction and see how he does.

Health wise, Beckett continues to be healthy and thankfully we made it through cold and flu season without major incident.  Beckett continues to have one-on-one with a speech pathologist for an hour each week and we’ve really seen him progress.  His sentence length is past the goal we set for him and our main focus now is on pronunciation of letters and words.  Personality wise, I think it’s safe to say that Beckett’s third year of life is definitely his “testing” year.   He’s learning how to push my buttons and now that he is able, tells me exactly what he thinks of my request.  I wouldn't trade it for the world, but it’s sure exhausting at times!!! 

Theses two!  Always driving each other crazy, but can never seem to get enough of each other.

Feeding the geese at the pond by our house.  Beckett always seems to eat more at the pond then the dinner table!!

Checking out the BIG turtle after shopping for baby furniture.

This picture makes me laugh every time!  This was actually at a Dick's sporting good store and when Beckett saw this "unta-scunta" he climbed right in and gave us his cheesy smile.  I think someone is ready for the lake this summer!!!

At a local pizza place we love to eat...Beckett is an awful driver as we've witness on multiple fronts, but loves to drive nonetheless.
Finally enjoying some nice weather!!

Beckett's new favorite things to say...."YEAH BUDDY!!!"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Big Announcement

It was discussed, contemplated and weighed, but after much deliberation Ryan and I are excited to announce that we are expecting a baby brother or baby sister for Beckett October 1, 2014!

Many more post to follow on what this pregnancy will mean for me, but for now we are relishing in the excitement and joy of the blessing which has been bestowed upon us :-)

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Last Friday Ryan and I left the cold and cloudy Kansas City destine for the warm and sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  To say it was a great time would be an understatement.  Some good friends of ours were getting married thus the reason for the trip.  We arrived around one o'clock on Friday and wasted little time making our way to the pool and beach.  Nearly everyday for me was spent pool side, reading a magazine or talking with friends.  I've never gone on a vacation with so many friends and it made the trip that much better. Ryan's schedule was much more demanding than my regular 8-9 hours poolside.  Each morning he was either golfing or fishing with his buddies.  Good for him I guess...I was content with leisurely mornings and ensuring I got my favorite seat on the Whale Watching Terrace for the day :)

View of the Hilton Beach Resort we stayed at from the beach

Watching the Sunrise one morning

Tessa, Cecilee, Ellianna (white hat) and me walking on the beach one morning.

Beautiful Beach

My view from the Whale Watching Terrace
Speaking of whales we saw TONS of them.  I guess they are migrating this time of year and so from the pool where we sat each day we would see them come to the top of the water.  Sometimes it was just their tail or you would see the mist form their blow holes, other times they would leap out of the air and crash into the water!  It was cool to see so many at one time.

In the evenings, we would all meet for dinner, usually at one of the restaurants within the hotel, but one night we did venture into downtown Cabo.  The dinner was amazing, the cab ride was terrifying!  Our cabbie was definitely VERY intoxicated on the way home.  Thankfully we made it home without incident, but needless to say that was my first and last adventure off the property while there.

Dinner at the hotel one night

Some of us girls, Callie, Jenny, Heather and me

Jenny singing Selena with the hotel band.  What a fun night!

On our way to dinner in Cabo - this taxi driver was sober!
Welcome Dinner hosted by the Bride & Groom Monday night

At the welcome dinner
On Tuesday morning, Kelsey and I decided we would go horseback riding on the beach.  We were able to signup and catch the horses right on the beach in front of the hotel so that made it easy.  There was a slight snafu and we thought for awhile the excursion might not happen, but our Mexican cowboy came through and needless to say it was quite an adventure.  My horses name was "Silver" even though he was brown and I soon learned that Silver was into speed.  Literally he RAN up and down the beach.  Meanwhile, Kelsey's horse could have cared less and was completely happy lollygagging behind and meandering off course.  I would have to yell at our guide, "Senior, the Seniorita needs help!" and point to Kelsey who was usually 50 yards back.  What was also cool was that we rode down the beach the point where it became private and were able to see the Cabo beach houses of George Clooney and Leonard Decaprio.  Pretty neato :)

It was so beautiful riding on the beach.  I've rode horses quite a but growing up, but never on a beach until now.  It was really run running in the sand and they loved to get into the water too!

Can't say I've ever rode barefoot until now either!

Tuesday night was the main event, aka the wedding.  The setting couldn't have been more beautiful, beach side and sunny.  And of course the bride and groom fit perfectly into their surrounds, equally as beautiful. My favorite part of the wedding ceremony is to listen to the officiant as he delivers the sermon and unifies two people in one union.  And I loved the message and advice he poetically and sincerely wished upon Tessa and Chae.  He said here in this spot two oceans meet - The Sea of Cortez and The Pacific Ocean.  Just as two have come to be one in this spot so too does the great waters of the sea.  He also offered the advice that time will change them, life will change them and who they are, but they should always try to hold on and remain the people they are today.  For these are the people who met and fell in love and though time will try to change that hold on to what brought you to this point.  Great advise from where I sit today in my marriage and the great challenges and blessings which have shaped Ryan and I.

Chae waiting for Tessa

Tessa and her Dad

Exchanging of vows

Me and my groom :)

The First Dance...

Roxi, me and Heather

Most of us girls

The dudes
Wednesday morning, Ryan and I took a walk on the beach and ate breakfast at the hotel before leaving the catch our flight.  Unfortunately I wasn't feeling the best, but couldn't resist feeling that warm sun on my skin a little bit longer before heading back to KC.

Last morning on the beach

Adios Cabo!
Breakfast before leaving..
All and all it was a great week, somewhere warm and sunny and with great friends, but I was ready to be home and united with my blonde haired, blue eyed lovie.  Beckett stayed at home with my Mom and my Aunt Debbie who came to visit while we were away.  I am pretty sure they had a great time together and luckily for Ryan and I they started potty training while we were away.  Still a in process, but we are making progress.

Snuggles with Aunt Debbie

Mimi and B in the beans :)
Thanks Mimi and Aunt Debbie for taking such good care of Beckett for us while we enjoyed some much needed R&R!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Longest Winter Ever

Well I'm sure other winters have been just as long, but this one sure feels like it's lasting FOREVER! Between the frequent snow showers and arctic temperatures it's safe to say we're all going a little crazy being inside so much.  I'm hoping now that it's March, with each passing day we are closer to warmer weather and all the fun that goes with it.  Here another picture update of what we've been up to while we're waiting for spring to arrive:

Nina and Coco came to KC and we made a trip to the SEA LIFE Aquarium.

Celebrated Daddy's Birthday - February 14th
Papa Mike was in KC for work and so came to watch Beckett's swim lessons and then ate dinner out.
Lots of afternoon naps, snuggling with brother Gus

Had some crazy hair days!!!
Made a quick trip to Mimi and Papas house in STL

Making no-bake cookies!!  Yumm Papa Mike and Mommy's favorite :)

Before Heading to dinner to meet Uncle Nevada, Aunt Monica and cousins Phoenix & Juneau.  Unfortunately Beckett got sick with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease which really put a hamper on the evening as he was not feeling well at all :-(  But we sure started out looking cute!
And finally, Daddy's been teaching Beckett how to use the mouse on a computer.  It's so cute watching Beckett play Thomas the Train "track repair" and learn how to fine tune those fine motor skills.  Like father, like son I say :)
Next week Ryan and I leave for a week in Mexico to celebrate a friends wedding.  I can't wait for the warmer weather and to spend the days lounging by the pool or beach with a good book!!  I'll be sure to share lots of warm weather photos once we are back :)

Friday, February 7, 2014


Lately it seems like we've just been trying to stay warm...well that and busy.  It's been brutally cold here in KC and earlier this week we got about 10 inches of snow, so in addition to being cold we've also been snowed in which makes for some long days with a 3-years old :)

Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to:

Going to "new speech" as Beckett calls it now.  It's through our school district, where Beckett goes to school once per week for an hour.  His new therapist name is Heather and he absolutely LOVES it!!

The Gator! Birthday Present from Grandpa Kim and Grandma Dorice.  Unfortunately we've only had it outside once cause it's been too cold and snowy.

Lots of "swimming" in the bathtub.  Beckett loves the water!!  So much so we actually just started swim lessons again for the month of February through our local community center :)

Yuk!  Caught some kind of nasty stomach bug which made Beckett throw-up every 20-minutes all night long!!!  Thankfully we have an awesome Dr who called us in some meds to make it stop and before long we were starting to feel better!!

Lots of arts and crafts time!!!  Beckett really likes painting and practicing using scissors.
Just a boy and his dog...
Beckett is now in a toddler bed and while he never comes out of his room once down for a nap or bedtime, we do find him often out of bed and asleep in the chair in his room :)  And only my child would fall asleep with a bottle of hand sanitizer!!!

So cute!  I was cleaning one day and finished running the vacuum downstairs and couldn't find Beckett.  Well here he was...sitting in the chair in his room reading his favorite construction truck book!
We ventured out into the snow and Beckett actually really liked it...except for when this happened.  Face-plant into the snow!
Play dates:  We've had quite a few of these lately!  This is Beckett's friend Zachary who happens to be the son of one of our favorite nurses from the hospital where Beckett was born and in the NICU for 3.5 months.

Beckett & Alisha.  Honestly this women took more care of Beckett when  he was a baby than I did or could.  I will forever be indebted to her and all the wonderful care she gave to Beckett and assurance she gave to me!